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The Gentle Art | Jiu Jitsu Hoodie

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Gentle Art | Jiu Jitsu Hoodie

Respect, consistency, Humility the foundation of Jiu Jitsu mindset! Rep the gentle art, off the mats with our new premium hoodie.

Jiu Jitsu The Gentle Art:
"Jū" can be translated to mean "gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding". "Jutsu" can be translated to mean "art" or "technique" and represents manipulating the opponent's force against themselves rather than confronting it with one's own force

Est 1925.
Geo Omori opened the first Jiu-Jitsu/Judo school in Brazil in 1925. He taught a number of individuals including Luiz França’ Later, Mitsuyo Maeda was one of five of the Kodokan's top groundwork (newaza) experts that judo's founder Kano Jigoro sent overseas to demonstrate and spread his art to the world.

Live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle on and off the matts.  Shop our online selection of Premium Jiu Jitsu Apparel and graphic BJJ t shirts! You’ll love this super soft fleece lined Jiu jItsu hoodie!

Hoodie Specs:
• 100% cotton face
• 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester
• Front pouch pocket
• Self-fabric patch on the back
• Matching flat drawstrings
• 3-panel hood
• Unisex fit (runs slim for mens)


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