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5 Cool BJJ Gis For 2021

5 Cool BJJ Gis For 2021

5 Cool BJJ Gis For 2021

For most people choosing a Jiu Jitsu Gi is like trying to find that perfect cup of coffee. Not too sweet, not too dark, not too light, and just right hitting all the spots. Jiu Jitsu Gis can be tough and each person, like coffee, has their own preferred Jiu Jitsu Gi. Some like heavy Gis, some high, some like more fitted Jiu Jitsu Gis, and other a looser Gi.

If you have been practicing Jiu Jitsu for a while you probably have already identified your favorite Gi and Gi brand. For beginners, they may find it hard to choose among the many Jiu Jitsu Gis on the market. 

When compared to our NoGi BJJ counterpunching parts there can also seem to be far fewer Jiu Jitsu Gi options on the menu. Jiu jitsu Rash Guards come in many colors, materials, fits, and styles. BJJ Gis on the other hand can often only be seen in academies in the traditional White and Blue. Now and then you’ll see a girl with a pink Gi as well, but it is not common. 

This is why we wanted to put together a lite of the top 5 COOL BJJ Gis on offer even if they are not Nation BJJ Gis!

Cool Jiu-Jitsu Gi Design
What to look for in a cool BJJ Gi? A Jiu JItsu Gis are unique pieces of training apparel very different from the other martial arts uniforms. Jiu Jitsu Gis are typically made from heavier fabrics the can withstand the pulling of grips and extreme wear and tear BJJ will put your training gear through. The pants Gi are also reinforced since there’s not a lot of contact with the floor and grabbing. This is why a BJJ Gi has a unique design tailored specifically to the needs of Jiu Jitsu training.

The actual construction of the Gi jacket is also very different from other martial arts uniforms. Gi jackets are weaved which has a lot to do with durability and weight. BJJ Gi jackets have much stronger rubber-infused collars. There are also strategic reinforcements at places like the armpits to make sure the Gi doesn’t give way. The fit is also often much tighter as this often has to comply with competition regulations and BJJ grips.

Now that you know how a BJJ Gi should look like, let’s explore some unorthodox options. Here is our run down of five cool BJJ Gis to get you started (in no particular order)


cool bjj gis 2021

5: Tatami Fightwear Element Gi

If you like a lightweight Gi this is one of the most durable. Featuring a modern more tailors slim-fit that is Jiu Jitsu competition legal. With a Rubber collar, 250 GSM Pearl Weave jacket, and 7oz cotton twill pants. The total weight is 1.3kg.


  • Rubber collar
  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 7oz Cotton Twill
  • Lightweight
  • May shrink in the wash
  • IBJJF proved

cool bjj gis 2021

4: Scramble Athlete 4 Gi

The Scramble Athlete kimono offers the best weight to strength ratio that goes pretty unmatched. The Scramble Athlete 4 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi is Scramble's flagship BJJ gi, and you can tell it is made with the Jiu Jitsu competitor in mind. Ours has withstood multiple washes, did shrink a little but felt better after washing and the mobility relaxed a little. 


  • Durable and light material.
  • Jacket 550 gsm with rounded, reinforced slots.
  • Moisture management.
  • Pants 10.5 oz Ripstop with reinforced stitching
  • IBJJF Legal
  • Rounded jacket hem
cool bjj gis 2021

3: Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu G

This Jiu jItsu Gi isn't too heavy and breathes well. Five stars for comfort, fit, and durability. The Gi doesn't shrink too much. The Gi Jacket is nonrestrictive and doesn't choke your armpits. The lightweight BJJ Gi has reinforced seams to withstand strenuous jiu jitsu training and BJJ competitions. The BJJ Gi pants are the only downside here. We found that for some reason, no matter what the Gi Pant drawstring will manage to slip down your backside. 


  • Durable yet light material.
  • Jacket 420 gsm with rounded, reinforced slots.
  • Pants 8oz Ripstop with reinforced stitching
  • Not preshrunk.
  • IBJJF compliant colors

cool bjj gis 2021

2: Nation Fighting Spirit All White Jiu Jitsu Gi

Ok, we are biased here, but we truly believe in our products. This Nation BJJ gi has many features to compete with some of the top brands. The jacket has reinforced armpits and a rounded jacket waistline giving a slim yet tailored fit while maintaining mobility. The pants are 10oz ripstop with knee reinforcement. Overall lightweight allowing for great mobility while balancing excellent durability in a Jiu Jitsu Gi.


  • Extremely durable yet light material.
  • Jacket 450 gsm with rounded, reinforced slots.
  • Pants 10oz Ripstop with reinforced stitching
  • Double reinforced knee padding
  • Preshrunk.
  • IBJJF compliant

cool bjj gis 2021

1: Habrok Sports The Grey Wolf BJJ Gi

The Grey Wolf Samurai Gi is a nice tailored fit that flatter the body. Made with the tatica pearl weave, it feels durable., The inside Gi design is unique with steampunk references which is very cool for a BJJ gi.
As the Jiu Jitsu Gi cut is tight we recommend going half size up.
We particularly liked the BJJ collar hardness as it adds good support and feels tough enough to withstand the hardest BJJ training. The Gi red trim and stitching are a nice touch too. 


  • 450 GSM Habrok Tatica Pearl Weave
  • 10 oz Rip-stop Pants 
  • Sublimated Inner Lining - Full Interior + ¾ Sleeve Coverage
  • Sublimation padding reduces friction and prevents chafing
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Triple stitching reinforcements and bartacks in key stress points
  • Pre-Shrunk Twice
  • IBJJF compliant


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