Nation Jiu Jitsu Scholarship

Launches 2022. Jiu Jitsu saves lives, unfortunately not everyone has access.

Our goal is to create a path for those that would significantly benefit from martial arts but may not have access to or be able to afford the tools needed to participate.


Potential participants seeking financial support to either enter or continue their martial arts training are also encouraged to apply with us directly too. If any of the following apply to you we want to hear from you.

You Are Actively Training

Perhaps you train but struggle financially to cover membership fee and training gear.

Interested In Starting

You have always wanted to begin training but were unable to cover the financial cost.

Commit to 3 Months

Whether training or not we ask for a 3-month commitment as we allocate and reserve the fund ahead of time.

Training Could Significantly Improve Your Life

We try to prioritize those that would receive the greatest benefit physically or mentally

Fundraising events launching soon......