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Dealing With Gaps In Your Jiu Jitsu Training

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Gaps in you Jiu Jitsu Training

Most of us breathe Jiu-Jitsu and want to do nothing more than roll around in spandex or pajamas strangling each other. However there is no escaping the fact that from time to time pressured to take a break fro our BJJ training. Sometimes existence throws curveballs at us. Maybe due to an injury, we get sick, or a shitty virus throws the world into panic and we all turning into brain eating zombies and get locked down.

Regardless of the reason, time off Jiu Jitsu training can be a hard pill to swallow.

The time of presents us with a dilemma, we now have giant gaps in out jiu jitsu path and no healthy outlet to channel our hatred for our boss. What is the solution you may ask. Well it’s simple just start strangling your boss and wearing spandex or pajamas to work.

No but seriously there are many methods to continue your jiu jitsu progress and capitalize on the time when you can’t train. Here are a few thoughts to make the most of your time away from the mats.

Jiu Jitsu Home Study:

bjj grappling dummy

If the pandemics has taught us anything it is that a jiu jitsu dummy is not just for lockdown but for life. All over the world there are 100s of lonely jiu jitsu dummies that need a home. For the low payment of $5 a month you could bring a smile back to one of these dummies…….. Cue violins and black and white shots of BJJ dummies in dumpster.

I digress. I was recently sent away for work for two weeks to Switzerland. Most normal people would think, amazing I get to see the Alps. My first thought was shit, where will I train. Wilson to the rescue! I spend evenings in the hotel room studying youtube videos and old moves from my instructor on chairs and my jacket stuffed with pillows. This shit works! I came back as was not any more shit at Jiu Jitsu as I was before!

Since the pandemic there is not more Jiu Jitsu content than ever on-line coaching selections with specified coaching from their every day classes. This is a valid way to continue to be updated with your coaching and increase your technical know-how from home.

Keep Your Body Sharp:

BJJ home training

As tempting as it is but the beer back in the fridge and tear up the take out menu! While traveling I found a whole wonderful world of free calisthenic work outs available on youtube. A quick 30-45 minute HIIT work out had my cardio is top condition for my return to the mats. Naturally there is nothing like trying to get a sweaty body off you for your BJJ cardio bit while out of Jiu Jitsu training this was the next best thing.

If you need a little extra weight throw in some kettlebells or dumbbells, curl water gallon jugs. Do squats with any person on your back. Load up your training bag with books. Get creative. There are loads of assets at home for enjoyable BJJ workout routines.

Here is our selection on YouTube trainers with some ideas to get your home BJJ training started:

Out With Injury?

bjj training injury

If however you are out with an injury then naturally the focus is on rehabbing the effected area so that your can return to your Jiu Jitsu training strong and healthy. If you are struggling mentally and need some help finding your motivation, see our post on staying motivated during your Jiu Jitsu journey.

I have had two major surgeries and been out for a year a piece. It fucking sucks! Here the priorities are different. I always use the analogy of being caught in a bad situation.If during your roll someone takes your back and sinks in a choke the priority is no longer to submit or sweep but to start breaking down the choke. The same can be said for life. When you get an injury and can longer train you need to look at this the same way you would for training Jiu Jitsu.

In my case the surgery left me unable to walk. First priority, rehabilitate to get this back. Once there focus on running, then squatting, then dynamic movements and so on. All the while focusing on a return to the mats.

In general though put some focal point into stretching or mobility training. This is a part heavily neglected by more Jiu Jitsu schools and training sessions.

With all the beatings you put your physique through in Jiu Jitsu, your body could definitely use some love. Take some time to work on your flexibility. Practice motion drills. Try some yoga. Sites such as Yoga For BJJ provide free trials and even some youtube content. Make mobility a priority!

Just rest. Sometimes it’s OK to simply permit your self a spoil from it all, mentally and physically. Ironically there have been times I have taken off training Jiu Jitsu for a week or so just to let my body heal. Upon returning I felt like my training had been fuel injected. I was less tight, more explosive, more energy and yes, still shit at Jiu Jitsu, but I felt great training and saw more progress.

Expand Your Skillset & Get Smarter:

huge bjj brains

During a hiatus you may have significantly more down time. Like many of us this was so true during the pandemic. Don’t think of this as down time. Think of this as an opportunity to develop a new skill that may add value to your Jiu Jitsu path. Some people learnt to bake bread during the pandemic, and while this may help you gain a few pound to improve your pressure passing, there are plenty of other skills out there that could be a not so obvious asset to your BJJ lifestyle.

If you have read our about section you will know by now we used the down time in the pandemic to start this brand. Taking time out to learn digital marketing, graphic design, clothing production and tons more! If your goals are not so lofty maybe you could start a Jiu Jitsu meme page for fun and grow a designated BJJ following. You’d probably actually be more famous than us by now!

If not a physical skill there are plenty of mental activities you could try to help develop a strong mind for BJJ. We have found learning about human physiology and mindfulness has not necessarily directly aided our Jiu Jitsu training but it has helped us keep an even keel and not get stressed by all of life’s bullshit. Which indirectly has helped keep our training more consistent.

Try these podcast for an interesting listen:

That about raps up our post on how to handle gaps in your training. If non of this resonates with you, well fuck it, grab a six pack, eat bread and desserts and just get all fat an' sassy……

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