3 Ways to Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu Mindset 

3 Ways to Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu Mindset 

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The Jiu-Jitsu Mindset 

Our mindset plays a huge role in the our Ju Jitsu training and developing our skills as fighters. In Jiu Jitsu there has to be 100% synch between our mind and body for us to succeed in BJJ. 

There is a reason the vast majority of people make it to progress beyond even a blue belt in BJJ. Unlike many other sports in Jiu Jitsu there are very few sources of immediate physical gratification which is why the mindset of a fighter and even hobbyist is often  in a different space to many other sports.

At a certain stage we all train hard but the beauty of Jiu Jitsu is that training hard is not all it takes. You need to have the right mindset to train hard with consistency. Here are a some tips to help your BJJ training progress.

Mindset #1: The long game

bjj training and the Brazilian jiu jitsu mindset

On average it takes roughly 10 years to get a black belt. If this is your goal, understand in a world filled with people looking for immediate social media dopamine hits, the mindset of a Jiu Jitsu practitioner has to be the opposite of this.

To show up week in week out and get smashed, you have to abandon all the drive for immediate gratification as a main motivational driver. That said a simple shift in your mindset can help keep you consistently motivated with you BJJ training. Rather than looking for the ‘big’ win focus on the small wins. Maybe to got a little closer to that sweep or simple made the guy who always taps you while training work a little harder than normal to get the tap. 

These small wins will build up over time and accumulate to a body of work you can be proud of.

Mindset #2: Understand what’s at stake. You are working towards greatness

bjj training minset

Most people do not even attempt to take a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, never mind set their sights on black belt in it. It would literally take some people less time to become a doctor or lawyer. Of the few that train BJJ 80% quit at white belt and of the 20% that make it to blue 60% of these quit. Why? Because Jiu Jitsu is fucking hard and at time you will be miserable!

That said if you ever feel down, understand the gravity of what you are doing. The failure and struggle is a guarantee so even if you never succeed at getting a black belt, everyday on the mats you are already part of an elite few.

Set your mind to jiu-jitsu mindset achieve something significant everyday. Keeping tat mindset, then go to bigger things in increments. Step by step over time with the right mindset whatever your Jiu Jitsu goals are will become achievable. 

Mindset #3: Accept failure & set backs

jiu jitsu training mindset

The most prolific days of your life won’t likely be easy.  Contending with great challenges forms the foundation of greatness. (from Marcandangel.com). Everyone must face their own unique challenges, some more so than others. 

Injury is the elephant in the room here. Many people fear that dreaded injury that will put them out of training for months or maybe years. Our mental state has a significant effect on our motivation and physical wellbeing, including injury recovery. We usually think of the damage to the body and pain when we discuss injury but for any serious athlete a serious injury can represent a Critical Life Event, or crisis.

Mental toughness and resilience training in Jiu jItsu mindset aimed at developing a peak performance mindset can be transferred into injury recovery to develop a Peak Recovery Mindset. Developing this mindset allows BJJ practitioners to turn adversity into opportunity and use the negative experience for positive growth. 

A big part of this mindset is to focus on a: the end goal rather than a temporary state of being and b: what you CAN do in this moment to progress towards that end goal.

As someone who have had their fair share of injuries (including a full hip replacement and cervical fusion) I have learnt to find ways to keep working towards my goals during periods of injury. At one point I was training with a broken hand for 8 weeks. I would tie my hand into my belt and just fight with my legs. This actually really helped my leg pummeling.


So to some of the traits that can help contribute to a healthy Jiu Jitsu mindset

1: Jiu Jitsu is fucking hard! Accept you will be here and suck at it for a long time

2: Every Day on the mats is a win and you are already progressing 10000% fast than everyone on the coach

3: Be prepared to work through big set backs. Stay proactive and focused.

Note we are not physiologists of medical experts and are actually a bit of a hot mess! Naturally each person is different and this is just a snap shot of some Jiu Jitsu mindset tricks that have helped us over the years. We hope you like them! 

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